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Nov 22

Life as a Journey

I like to think that life (or, our lives) is a thread that starts from our birth and then it lengthens with every breath we take. And that the friends we had, the people we know, and the people who knows us - our threads intertwined at certain points. Atleast that's how I live.

I know it's not a good thing to be proud of oneself so instead of saying (or writing, Mr Smarty-pants) "I'm proud of how far I've come and how far I'd go", I will say (or write) "I'm grateful - really, really, honestly grateful to God, to family, to friends, and to all the persons that knows or whom I know of". Somehow, our lives intertwined, I may or may not be of influence to you and you may or may not be of influence to me, but thank you! 

I really love Summer days or Sundays Noon as I'd like to call it. It goes something like this - Soft sunlight, Blue skies and the silence of humanity pursuit. And I'd like to think that explains a lot about me. It's probably the coffee or the music talking, but boy, oh boy am I glad to be here in this moment of life. I sure hell don't know how today will unfold or if it'll rain tomorrow. I do know that tomorrow will come and years will roll by. I know one day I will sit in a rocking chair or maybe a beach chair - the kind where you can lay down and sunbathe, and I'll see how you connect all the dots - the dots I've made trusting you. I do want to say I hate emotional stuffs - songs, movies and romantic films are a total-NO for me. But I am happy to be here, to do this in faith and hope.

So, days will fly by and I'll be here by myself,
I'll stop to a beat and doubt this feet,
I can only go so far, and be as much,
In that moment of time and tide,
Let me fall to my bleed,
To be reminded, To be meek,
That you said somewhere in the book,
"For I know the plans I have for you,
Plans to prosper you,
Not to harm you,
Plans to give you hope,
And a future".



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