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SirJohnTML here!

My name is John Thangminlun. I'm a . . . well,what am I . . hmm. . . . Ok, I am a person just like you having several interests and doing several stuffs - this website being one!

I even do YouTube videos!

Work Experiences

Mindwork Creation

Started a Media Company with 3 friends.
Ran for 6 months.
Closed down due to further educational pursuits.

The Clanhood

Started and managed a COC Clan for over two years.
The Clan still exists.
Left the Clan as I wasn't going to play anymore.

Lenglim Sintax and Almirah

Worked as a shopkeeper part-time.
Sold Construction sand, Water storage (Sintax), Wood and Almirahs.
Learnt a lot about the reality of a product-based business.

I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.

I'm a huge fan of Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn. And that above was quoted by Mark Twain. To me, our education system is too focused on deadlines, marks & exams that we forgot how fun it is to learn. I dread school since 9th grade cos most of our teachers just give notes (that too with broken English or meaningless sentences!) with little examples or practicals! I'm pretty sure the knowledge gaps could also be one of the reason why I resent schooling for years (and even now).


  • Business

    Even though I can always come up with interesting and innovative ideas, I have trouble converting the idea into a reality i.e. building upon the idea to actually accomplish it. So, here I am, lots of ideas with few realities :D

  • Artificial Intelligence

    I honestly can't wait for AI to be reliable to common folks like me. I got like tons of ideas such as making apps or certain software - just imagine an AI capable of creating software with my thoughts (or words) as inputs!

  • Robots

    Just like my hope in AI, robots are also a complimentary interest of mine. AI with robots will be one of the hallmark of my generation and I can't wait for it to happen! I know I'll die and few hundred years more, no one will ever know me. (Probably, even while I'am alive too!)

  • Research

    Being an active learner and also a TED Talks lover, I enjoy researches on all sorts of topics. To see the progress of others really inspire me a lot of times when I'm on rainy days. I hope to support researches once I got enough cash.

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